Every week of football news have filled with a lots of transfer rumours and the heartbreaking news regarding transfers. Big clubs are ready to make a big deal with young players and try to fix the old problems. Other clubs are trying to occupy the top of the points table so the Premier League 2011 will be great treat for football fans.
Liverpool makes deal with Blackpool for Charlie Adam at £7.5m. Last six months there was a big suspense against this moves, but now all those rumours are revealed. Liverpool also makes new deal with Roma’s goalkeeper Alexander Doni for two years deal without pay and Doni also very glad to play in Premier League.

Chelsea is planning to sign Luka Modric and Modric is going to talk about this with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. Chelsea also aim for Radamel Falcao who has scored 33 goals in last season and new Chelsea boss Villas-Boas has planned to bring this striker. The biggest sign for Chelsea in this season has been cancelled by Barcelona. Chelsea has offered £27million for David Villa, but Barcelona neglects that bid.    
Manchester United’s boss Sir Alex Ferguson has offered £15million for Barcelona youngster Thiago Alcantara. Thiago has played very well in the Euro final that’s the reason for this new deal.


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