Premier League: In the knowhow

The initial stages of any competition, especially one like the Premier League, are filled with uncertainty. Even though football clubs are playing various games all year round, it is not until they have started the tournament that one can completely gauge their performance. For a punter, the initial games are exciting regarding setting up the mood for future wins and essential as they help analyse the players. Looking at the popular vote on who will win the Premier League, the tides are in favour of Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United. However, the points table shows a different picture where Manchester United is struggling and coming in at the 8th position. With quite a few games still to go, there is bound to be some shuffling around, but we look at four teams here that should nevertheless remain amongst the top.


Starting their season with two losses sent shockwaves through the management, players, fans, and punters. Whether it was their new manager Unai Emery or the problems with Mesut Ozil, Arsenal with 25/1 odds to win the cup seemed a little out of place. Things have changed though, and they have since then gone on to win their next 6 games. But controversy it seems is never far as now questions of Aaron Ramsey’s contract has gripped the Arsenal management. The good news is that the team is playing well together and their comeback has been nothing but legendary. The big question now is if they can continue their winning streak over the next few games and conquer the leaderboard.

Manchester City

Last season’s champions and leading the points table, Manchester City must be feeling on top of the world right now. Bookmakers have them pinned as a favourite with 8/13 odds, and when it comes to the best betting offers, punters need to make the most of these cool deals and use Manchester City’s dominance over the game to make some profitable gains. A team like Manchester City is a bettors’ delight wherein even after a draw with Liverpool they ended up with a higher standing based on the number of goals scored. With no losses so far, they are also a safe bet for an amateur entering the betting market.


Slowly and steady wins the race and Chelsea has crept up the leaderboard to the second position having the same number of wins as Liverpool and Manchester City. Looking quite formidable right now, the team, with 12/1 odds to win, is playing with intense focus and so far, only regret their draw against West Ham. However, the last game saw them spectacularly thrash Southampton 3-0.


Any astute bettor will be quietly watching the Wolves players as they are going strong and staying just short of the top five on the points table. Ahead of Manchester United, they are listed with 250/1 odds to win the League, but one look at their games, and it’s entirely possible that they cause some major reshuffling of the leaderboard over the next few games.

The energy that passed through the team was evident when Ivan Cavaleiro scored the winning goal against Southampton a few weeks back. With so much intensity and the desire to make a stand, the Wolves could very well be the underdogs this year that result in significant profits for bettors.


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