Underdogs in Premier League title hunt


Steven Gerrard believes Liverpool can win the Premier League title because they are not in Champions League.

It is the time to show the strength to the world and rivals of Premier League title 2014. Liverpool has been fighting hard for a silverware since their last league title in 1990.

Reds captain Steven Gerrard is happy with performance and being an underdogs of the Premier League title.

“Well, I think it’s very nice that people are talking about us and we are in the title race – there’s no getting away from that,” the Reds captain said. “We’re in it.

“But it’s important that we stay calm, keep taking it game by game and try to win as many as we can.

“Man City and Chelsea are still the favourites if you like because they’ve got that experience of going to win it.

“But I think they both know, listening to Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini, that we are a big threat because we’ve got no Europe and we can be fresh every game.

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“It does suit us at the moment being underdogs. What suits us as well is that we’ve got a lot of time to prepare.

“We’ve worked on this formation all week. We chose to play a diamond and I think it shocked Southampton.

“We broke, played on the counter-attack superbly well and could have got more goals.”

He has praised Luis Suarez and happy to have him in same side. Suarez has completed 100 games for Liverpool with 62 goal, which includes 24 goals in this season.

“I’ve run out of words to describe him,”

“We’re blessed in this country to have some really top forwards, top, top attacking players.

“But for me, without being biased, he’s the best. I’ve said it many times, I look at Messi and Ronaldo and, yeah, they’re world-class players.

“But outside of that, you’ve got (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic and Luis Suarez who are pushing those two really close.

“Performances like this, where he hasn’t scored for four or five games, but he’s getting assists, he’s causing so much problems. He’s relentless. He’s a winner, he’s a killer and we’re lucky to have him.”

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