Premier League title race 2019: set to go down to the wire

For many football fans around the globe, the English Premier League is one of the best leagues to keep an eye on. Known for its goals, excitement and passion, it always gives great entertainment value over the whole season. The current 2018/19 season is no exception – while relegation worries may be what concern some fans, for many it is all about the race to the title.

It is no overstatement to say that this season’s title race has been one of the most intriguing to date. This has now been narrowed down to two teams who look most likely to do it – Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool and Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Just who will triumph in the end though? As the race looks set to go to the last game, it is tricky to predict right now. A good starting point would be a quick look at online sportsbooks to see what the experts say on each team’s upcoming fixtures – and bear in mind, if you want to actually stake a bet, grab a quick bonus code first. PointsBet bonus codes are a steal at the moment.

Can Liverpool make Klopp a happy man?

For Liverpool fans, finally winning the Premier League title is a big deal. The Merseyside club have not won the league since 1990, which makes it almost a 30-year gap. While this is highly amusing for Everton fans, Liverpool fans have been distinctly less amused. Can this be the year that it happens for them?

The big advantage that many feel they have this time around is simply their manager. Klopp has been a breath of fresh air since he arrived with his energetic pressing game, attacking style and charismatic personality. Many feel that it is his tactical nous and personal experience of winning trophies in Germany that could be the difference.

It also seems that Liverpool have their best team to call on for many a year. The addition of players such as Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah and Xherdan Shaqiri could be the extra quality needed to make it over the line. Many footballing experts also feel that Liverpool have an easier run-in in terms of fixtures left to play, compared to Manchester City. This could see them pick up more points to emerge victorious.

What dangers lie in wait to scupper their chances though? The major battle they face could well be a mental one from inside their own camp. A seven-point lead over City has been given up, and they now sit behind their main rivals in the table. Could this and the scars left from the infamous “Slippy G” title disaster of recent years be enough to see them bottle it? Many fans also point to them drawing too many games of late and dropping the points that could well hand the trophy to City.

Can Manchester City take advantage?

If Liverpool manage to lose their bottle again, then Guardiola’s Manchester City are all set to make the most of it.

There are certainly some factors that go in their favor. They, like Liverpool, have a stellar squad of players and a top manager. Guardiola is seen as maybe the best coach in football now, and he could have the extra tactical intelligence needed to steal the title. City are also used to not only winning league titles in recent years but also doing so at the last minute. Who can forget Sergio Agüero’s goal against QPR in the last game of the 2011/12 season to snatch the title from Manchester United? This may give them the experience needed to hold their nerve.

The main threat to City could actually be of their own making! They are currently on course to chase down a historic quadruple of trophies this season. Many believe that this is simply too much to handle for any team and could see fatigue hamper their chances. They have also started to pick up injuries to key players such as Fernandinho and Kevin De Bruyne, which will not help. When you also add in that they have a slightly tougher set of remaining fixtures in the Premier League, then it could be all too much for them.

Who will do it?

Of course, this is the million-dollar question! As the above shows, both teams have things that will work for and against them as the title race goes to the wire. It will certainly be interesting to see who can come out of it all on top!


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