Robin Van Persie is an end story for Arsenal

Robin van Persie in United

This year’s biggest and most expected transfer is going to sign in soon. Robin Van Persie’s eight-years journey in Arsenal comes to an end. Manchester United made a confirmed deal for Van Persie.

Sir Alex Ferguson beats Manchester City and Juventus and brings last season’s top scorer to Old Frafford. Van Persie is stepped into medical for final round of Manchester United’s deal.

Robiv Van Persie

Even though, they signed Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla,It’s difficult to replace Van Persie’s place in The Gunners. Arsene Wenger has said Van Persie did fine job for Arsenal in past eight years.

“It’s sad because Van Persie played for us for eight years; Van Persie is a great player so it’s always sad to lose such a player. But we must consider the economic reality and the will of the player. When you can’t succeed in extending the contract of a player that is in its last year, there is no other way but to let him go.” Wenger said.

He added: “To strengthen an enemy is the other negative point of this loss. We wanted to avoid it but we couldn’t. Honestly, I’d rather sell him abroad, to Paris Saint-Germain for example.”

Ferguson is happy about Van Persie’s arrival to The Red Devils and he called him as “fantastic player.” He agreed his combination with Wayne Rooney will be a best pair in Premier League.

United boss also mentioned their force in front will boost by Van Persie’s addition. He hopes he can bring back United’s 1999 strikers force again. Van Persie will sign for four-year contract with Manchester United for £22million.

Van Persie is expecting to play his first game for Manchester United against Everton, and his medical will take some time, but there won’t be any other things to do.

“It’s great to have a player of Van Persie’s quality to come into the squad as it is. I’m really pleased.

“Rooney and Van Persie are two fantastic players, and it’s tremendous to have both.

“What it gives us is more strength and combinations up front.

“Going back to the 1999 season, we had Yorke, Cole, Sheringham and Solskjaer — the four best strikers in Europe.

“We’re getting towards that now, with Wayne, Robin, Chicharito and Danny Welbeck.

“It’s a fantastic collection of players. I just hope that I pick the right combinations.” Ferguson excited.

Manchester United is delighted about this new signing, and it will regain their title from Manchester City.
Arsenal doesn’t want to lose him, but they have no choice to extend his contract. The Gunners lost their last star player from club, and they should bounce back to maintain their place in title race.

New players can’t give an immediate response in Premier League, so Arsenal and supporters need some patience to get their name again.


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