Russia and the 2018 World Cup

As the world’s biggest sporting event draws nearer, 32 nations across the globe are readying themselves to watch their teams compete on the most grandest stage of them all, the World Cup. In 2010, the biggest country in the world, Russia, was announced as the host, with the official logo for the tournament unveiled in 2014 by cosmonauts at the International Space Station. It was then proudly projected onto Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre live on television to much celebration from the nation’s fans.

2018’s will make history as two competing nations are making their debut. Iceland and Panama step foot into the competition for the first time ever, and after Iceland’s underdog successes in the 2016 UEFA Euro, could this prove to be their year? After surprising the football world and making it all the way to the knockout stages at the Euro 2016, they defeated England in the round of 16, moving forward to the quarter-finals, where they were beaten by host nation France 5-2. Despite their loss however, their performance moved the team into the spotlight, and showed the world they were destined for bigger things as they made it to the World Cup this year to show the world perhaps their success in the Euro wasn’t just pure chance.

England, one of the world’s oldest national football teams made it to the World Cup for the 16th time, but have only won once; their infamous 1966 victory, when they also acted as hosts for the tournament. Since then, the team has only been lucky enough to progress beyond the quarter finals once, when in 1990 they came fourth in the competition losing 2-1 to hosts Italy. However, they did earn a consolation prize in the form of the Fair Play award, having received zero red cards during the tournament, and had the lowest number of yellow cards per match on average.

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