Sky Sports Pundit: Arsenal have failed Unai Emery – Reports

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Arsenal are not meeting the promises they made to Unai Emery when he was appointed head coach last summer.

That is the opinion of Sky Sports pundit and former Fulham defender Liam Rosenior.

Emery replaced Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, ending the Frenchman’s near 22-year association with the club.

Emery brought in five new players during his first transfer window in charge, spending around £75million.

But there were no funds available to make permanent signings in January and reports claim the budget for next summer is just £45m.

Rosenior says Arsenal is not being run properly and recent events prove former boss Wenger was not to blame for a lack of spending.

And he reckons promises were made to Emery which have not been fulfilled.

“It [the budget] says the club isn’t run for footballing reasons,” Rosenior said.

“A lot of things were said when Arsene Wenger was manager about the way he was managing the budget and the way he was managing the squad and he was protecting people above him.

“When did they move into the Emirates, 13 years ago?

“So they don’t have a stadium to pay like Tottenham do.

“They don’t have any kind of debt that I have any knowledge of that they can’t say ‘do you know what, if we want to be ambitious as we say we are, we can go and spend, we can compete with your Chelseas and your Manchester Uniteds and your Manchester Citys. Now Manchester City have a huge budget.

“But for me Arsenal are losing players all the time on frees, they’re not thinking in terms of their long-term strategy.

“Aaron Ramsey’s the latest one who’s going to go at the end of the season without recouping a transfer fee.

“For me there is something very wrong with the way that football club is being run on the business level and now it’s affecting the club on a footballing level, which I don’t think is fair on Unai Emery.

“I don’t think he went into that football club with all his promises of ‘I’m going to play this way, I’m going to have this philosophy’ and now you can see a frustration with him in that I don’t think certain promises are being met at that football club.”


3 thoughts on “Sky Sports Pundit: Arsenal have failed Unai Emery – Reports”

  1. Club seems to be in a mess for long. time.Wenger was shielding top management which has been exposed as soon as he left. CEO who left just after Wenger & then chief scout.Add to that player like Ramsey leaving on free in today ‘s world, we have highest paid footballer not playing. It’s become a toy for Kroenk’s son.

  2. ““They don’t have any kind of debt that I have any knowledge of”” Well, he’s a fucking idiot then, as we unequivocally have not completely paid off the stadium debt. An “expert” pundit talking straight out of their arsehole and making leaping assumptions about a subject they have absolutely no intimate knowledge about; who woulda funk it!

    I wish I could post this on Untold, but unfortunately they banned my account for highlighting their gambling advertisements disguised as articles.

    1. In reply to jimmy’s rant
      Another mad man not understanding anything and letting off his faltering ego or a Kroenke supporter?

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