Stevie G is firmly on the ground: “Champions league is our goal”

steven gerrard


Liverpool tops the Premier league at the moment, and the stories had begun – can the Reds win the title, after 25 years?

They have two tough fixtures coming their way, against Manchester City and Chelsea, and after those matches maybe we will see are the Liverpool squad ready for the big success.

Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard, didn’t let those stories to come into heads of Liverpool players, and said they are firmly on the ground.

“It is nice that we are at the top. Of course we would like to win that long desired trophy, but we are firmly on the ground. We are only on half way to the trophy, many battles are ahead of us, and our goal is, like in the start of the season, top 4 spot, that leads to Champions league.

Everything above that would be a huge success, and we don’t think about that at the moment. If we enter final quarter of the championship as the leaders, then we can talk about winning the title”, said Gerrard.

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