Suarez will play with the Whites


Liverpool star player of last season and the goal machine Luis Suarez has already told his departure from Anfield, but he is still not confirming the landing place.

Meantime, he is linking with Real Madrid and he can join with Spain side. Last season he entered to Liverpool with four years contract, but he wants to leave early. If he leaves Liverpool, he will be the top of all types of gambling at

Suarez has scored against Spain in Confederations Cup, but his national team has lost the match. After the match completed, he has hinted his interest on Real Madrid over Liverpool.

“I will give my soul every time I step on the pitch,’ Suarez told El Pais what he would bring to a team like Madrid.

“I have done this with Uruguay, Ajax and Liverpool. I do not hold anything when I finish a game.

“A player always aspires to be at the top of their profession and Madrid is at the top for any football player.”

He also said he is suffering not participating in Champions League drama.

“It disturbs me that Liverpool are not in the Champions League every season,”

“I’ve suffered at Liverpool, but when I think of what it represents to play for this club, and the love my daughter has – she sings the hymn – the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I play at Anfield.”

He has given many good things for Anfield and fans, but he suffered a lot with English media. This is the main reason for his decision of leaving the Reds. He also faced many banned for his bad behaviour in pitch.

Liverpool is not selling him for any of his actions, which results many absences for him.He is still having his ban for biting Chelsea defender.

He finished: “First I have a contract with the club, but if one day I want to sign (for another club), Liverpool will hear the offer, as it does with other players,” Suarez was quoted as telling Spanish newspaper Marca.

“They must agree with other teams, but the word of the player, in this case mine, is important. If you need a change, you should listen to the player.

“Every player aspires (to be the best) and if you ask a child of eight years they would say one day they would go to Real Madrid or Barcelona.”


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