Tony Pulis is happy for Michael Owen’s return

Michael Owen's return

England striker Michael Owen is ready to kick the ball in Premier League for Stoke City and he is completely fit and has confident to start the match against England Champions Manchester City.

Michael Owen's return

Owen is recovered from his injuries and practiced well for the Premier league return after one year. He suffered many times with injuries and those are very severe injuries so he couldn’t continue his journey without gap.

Last term he was with Manchester United, but his injuries have kept him away from Premier League matches. Now he prepared well for new start and Stoke City boss Tony Pulis has more confident about his fitness.

Owen’s role against Manchester City is not confirmed yet, but he is hoping to against Champions.

Michael Owen’s retun:

He told that he worked hard during the summer and his debut match is special for him.

“I feel in pretty good condition and I have been working very hard. I know I have missed pre-season, but I have worked hard all summer,”

Will he play against Manchester City?

He got good condition about his body and he is waiting for the call from Stoke City. The manager has to make the decision regarding Owen’s chance. Former Liverpool player is also ready to accept the manager’s decision.

“I feel as if I am fit enough to take part in a game and that I can contribute in some way. I’m not quite 100% confident or happy in my general touch and different bits and bobs, but that will come. So we’ll see what the manager has got in mind, but I’d like to think I’ll improve as the weeks go on.”

Pulis talks about Owen:

Stoke City boss is delighted with his comeback and wondered about his energy level. They got good result in Michael Owen’s return and they are not going to announce any news about Owen’s place in weekend match.

“From what the lads say, he has come back a lot fitter than what we thought he would, He needs a lot more work with the ball and being in small-sided games for his sharpness, but we are pleased with the way he has come back. It is too early to say yet about the game. We won’t be making any decision on whether he will be in the squad until Friday, but I’m certainly not ruling him out.”

Summary path of Owen:

So Michael Owen is expecting to score more for new team and he has to regain his name as well.

He played for top teams like Liverpool, Manchester United and Real Madrid so he can manage the game for Stoke City. He has good experience in field. He gained many caps for England, but he didn’t play for national team since 2008.


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