Chelsea new striker Fernando Torres betrayed by Liverpool for some statements given by them. Torres has no intense to leave from the club naturally. They did not make their promise to happen. Now he is waiting to play against Liverpool on Sunday night. And the crew of Liverpool only considered the money not him this is make him feel like leave the club. “I said that at that moment, I didn’t think I would play for another club — because at that moment Liverpool were giving me what they promised … but not now,” he told.  “I think one of the important points is in my first two seasons at the club, they played in the semi-finals of Champions League and finished second in the premier league, very close to Manchester United.
“Then we were very, very close to being one of the top teams for a long time because everyone was together and everyone was moving in the right direction. But when you let Alonso and Mascherano leave, that is a clear message. It was important, not so much for me, but for the club,” he added.

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