Torres Is Worried About His Position In Chelsea

Chelsea won Champions League 2012 and returned home with great welcome party from fans. Fernando Torres, the $50 million man, has talked about his life in Chelsea in last season. Torres is a great player still now, without any doubt; but he thought his last one year has been wasted. He is a great goal scorer, as we knew, but he played only few games in last season. Now he has broken his silence and asking the club what is his future position in Chelsea? He likes to play more games and more to score.
Last few months his performance has been changed lot, but still he is sitting in bench in major matches. He is not a new player or average player, he is more than that. He is really enjoyed Champions league win. During the final match Torres involved in huge talk with his manager Roberto Di Matteo because Gary Cahill has included for sudden death after penalty shoot-out. Actually he wanted to participate in penalty shoot-out but they didn’t give chance to him.Torres thinks more about his future and this is very important time in his career. He needs one clear answer from the club about his role in next season; he doesn’t want to continue as last season.
When Chelsea signed Torres, they talked more and also told many things to him, but that didn’t happen. Most of the time in last season he has been disappointed and not happy about sitting in the bench. We know he has brilliant game and incredible talent so such a player like Torres should not wasted like this. The thing is not about money because he revealed everything in his mind so it is showing his personal feelings so far. Chelsea should take serious decision about this young man and don’t misuse his talent as well as investment.
Last season has been worse for Torres and he doesn’t want to repeat this again. It’s a hard to see when a player like Torres hasn’t been used properly so his fans also got disappointment from previous season, but it’s not because of him, it’s because of his role in all the time.
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