United is buying Ribeiro in January?


Everton Ribeiro is officially the best player in Brazilian league. He lead his Cruzeiro to the title, and completely dominated the field with his flair and technique. Ribeiro is 24 year old and he recently snubbed an offer from the famous Real Madrid, just because he wants to go to – Manchester United!

It is believed that the price of the gifted playmaker is around 12 million pounds, and United should have no problem paying it. However, because of this pretty much bargain price, United would have to be quick and concrete in getting Ribeiro, because other clubs won’t sit and do nothing about him.

The only concern is can a footballer from Brazilian league immediately make an impact in English Premier league. Many people point a finger at Chelsea’s Oscar, who plays better and better, and he came in Chelsea directly from Brazil.

With this offensive midfielder, Manchester United would get that needed balance on that part of the pitch, winger would have more space and attackers wouldn’t be alone and cut off.


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