War between clubs for Champions league place

Manchester United almost secured their Premier League 2013 title with 15 points and last term title winners are standing next to them.


Manchester City has no hope for title this year and waiting for some miracles to happen. City started the season with full confident, but mistakes in early matches rob the title from their hand.

The Red Devils did some early stage mistakes, but they managed well with recent matches. Their title less last term will change this time.

Meantime, the race for top four is getting more completion and Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool are aiming for that.

Manchester City standing second in table, but Chelsea is only lacking by four points. Recent performance form Chelsea makes them to move third, but they have chance of finishing next to first in the end.

Hazard has said about Champions League: “It’s such an important competition and that’s why I feel we could have achieved a bit more, but we’re on the right path to qualify for next season’s tournament. I think if we do we have enough quality players at the club to go a long way in it. The ultimate objective is to go as far as you can in the Champions League.”

Tottenham has good winning percentage in recent games and they are competing with Arsenal. Chelsea has eliminated spurs from Champions League last year.

Rising star Gareth Bale is scoring with good position and takes team to advanced level. AVB also implements new tactics for their top four.

AVB: “The top four has become a different situation over the last two weekends. Chelsea are back in third and Arsenal are still competing for the Champions League. The margin with Arsenal is what you want to build on and we must get maximum points against Swansea and Everton,”

Arsenal, the only English team who reached decent level in Champions League this year, have good team spirit to compete with opponents and make some difference in table with impressive performances.

Liverpool is getting good position in recent matches and their captain Steven Gerrard has said they are fighting for their role in next Champions League rivalry.

Gerrard : “The top five places are the target. Let’s see what happens in other big games that are not in our control. Hopefully, the teams above us will slip up. All we can control is our performances and our consistency and finish strong,”



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