Wayne Rooney Wants Out

Speaking after the 2-1 Swansea win, at Sir Alex Ferguson’s last match at Old Trafford. The soon-to-be retired manager left Rooney out of the team stating he “was not keep to play because he has asked for a transfer.” Rooney previously wanted to leave the club in 2010, but decided to sign a five-year deal instead.

Ferguson also added “I think he wants to think it through in his mind. I think that’s a good idea. We’re not going to let him go. I think maybe he is a bit frustrated. He has been taken off once or twice in the past couple of weeks.” But Rooney looks to be on his way out, after missing yet another game.

David Moyes, Man Utd’s new manager at the start of next season and the man who gave Rooney his debut at the age of 16 for Everton, will now come in and either sell or fight to keep Rooney. I believe he should sell him, as he’s lacked in performances and especially goals, and if a player is unhappy, he isn’t going to perform week in and week out for the team. Any player can be replaced as a team is bigger than a player, but Moyes will have a hard job in finding a suitable replacement for Rooney as he’s been a big part of Man Utd’s success throughout the years.

Rooney’s scored 12 goals in the league this season, helping Man Utd win their 20th league title, but he has been in and out of the team recently, through injury, and poor performances.

Moyes will want to keep Wayne as he’s a great player, and with Ferguson heading up stairs, he als wants Rooney to stay at United. However, it’ll be up to Wayne whether he goes or not. An Interesting subject come the start of the transfer window, and a topic that will be the most talked about during, I’m sure.

If he does go, I see a couple of options. One being PSG. The other being Real Madrid. Both teams have money, and would welcome a Rooney to their team as I’m sure both clubs will be making changes to their team during the summer transfer window, Real Madrid in particular.


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