Wenger: Not signing Gareth bale was a huge mistake


After getting Footballer of the year, Tottenham star Gareth Bale has covered all top transfer news with high rating. When the Premier League season 2012-13 started, Bale was unnoticed player, but when his new manager changed his position he started shine in English competition.

Bale has played better in midfield than left-back and Andre Villas-Boas has used him effectively. He rated as high values in market during the matches, the values in bwin football was showed that he is most wanted one.

All these things come together and he compared with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In transfer market, he will be bid for big amount, if he wants to leave the Spurs. AVB has said he wants to keep him and club will treat him with full credits.

Mean time Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted he was not signing Bale from Southampton on 2007 along with Theo Walcott. This could happen all the times for every manager, but Arsenal should have signed him.

“We didn’t take him as we had Ashley Cole and Gael Clichy and didn’t want another left-back,”

“I must confess it was a huge mistake as he can play in midfield. He struggled at the start at Tottenham, then they moved him to midfield and he has done exceptionally well.

“The career of a player sometimes depends on playing in the right position.”

Villas-Boas has changed the way of Bale’s play and make him most wanted and better player in Premier League. Wenger has pointed his comparison with Ronaldo and Messi and he agreed.

“He has the potential. Now it depends on his consistency at the top level and injuries.

“If you look at Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi – the two head figures of world football – they have fantastic health and don’t miss a game. Bale has power, pace and direct play in his game.

“I still think he is a typical flank player and they are so difficult to find. I think he is too young to move to the middle.”

If Bale wants to move, he will be the top move in summer transfer window. He has linked with Real Madrid from last season so they will have chances to take him to Spain.


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