Who will spend big this summer?

The premier league outfit, which has never been among the big money boys over several years, are now looking to enter the transfer market in summer with a big budget in their pocket.

Arsenal is undoubtedly among the top clubs in England, but their eight-year trophy drought is something hurting their fans and the owners. To turn things around gunners are looking to shoot for the stars in the coming transfer window. Involved in the battle of top four spot with Chelsea and Tottenham hotspurs, Arsenal is looking to add more to their armory as they are considering to land strikers Stevan Jovetic and Gonzalo Higuain.

The premier league transfer news coming from the other London club is that their star player will surely leave the club after the end of this season. Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is poised to move away from the club on free transfer.

After spending eight years at the Merseyside club, Everton, Phil Neville is also moving away to the new destination. He announced about his move to away from the club personally and premier league teams Stoke city and Aston Villa are keeping close eye on the veteran player, who can play in the defense and midfield.premier league transfer news

The other Merseyside club, Liverpool, might remain busy because if they have to challenge for the top four spots, they will have to bolster their squad. Still a month remaining before the season finishes, many top sides are planning already for the next season.

Manchester City the bank breakers are looking to keep things silent this coming transfer window. However, the story in the other part of the Manchester can be different if they lose their red hot striker Wayne Rooney to the French riches PSG. Since the arrival of Robin van Persie, Rooney has found himself in the back seat, so this move will not be a surprise if Wayne moves to the new destination.

Like last few seasons, Chelsea will be again looking for a new manager to take charge at the club. Besides this, they will have to look for the midfielder who can replace the super Frankie.

AVB the Tottenham manager is also offering the premier league transfer news as the Portuguese seems fed up of the misfiring striker Adebayor and is looking to bring the Brazilian Leandro Damiao to the club next season. Surely, with all these rumors and possible moves already on the cards, the coming transfer will be full of shocks and surprises for all the football lovers.

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