Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants Milan back


AC Milan’s former striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that he is still like to play for Milan. If Milan needs, he is ready to re-join.


31-years-old Swedish player moved to PSG in summer mover along with Thiago Silva. This move made fans crazy because he was the top scorer in Milan for last two years. He transferred to Milan by loan from Barcelona in 2010 and scored 14 in 29 appearances. Then Milan signed him permanently in 2011 summer and notched 28 in 32 appearances.

Ibrahimovic can play for next three years and his value is not too bad condition. He revealed this on the press conference during his World Cup 2014 qualification duty.

“I want the best for Milan. I was very happy there and felt like I was at home,”

“Milan are one of the clubs I’d love to come back to, if I could choose today. Usually I don’t go back to one of my old teams, but I’d like to return to Milan. It’s a fantastic club.

“I hope the team does well and gets back to winning ways. I can only hope it will all work out for the best.

“If Milan need help, then they know where to find me.”

Milan has to decide about his open talk to return Italy, but they can invest that on another young player for their future concern. Zbrahimovic can’t get good money value, If he returns.

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